Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello World

Hey guys new site just up put up a chat so you guys can chat with me i can tell were gonna have some fun times here. I am super hungry rite now got some fresh subway in the kitchen. I am so thankful for everything everone has done for me so far and i can tell were gonna have even better times doin stuff i had eggs this morining u know cuz its monday and i wanna be awake for anything that comes in my way like a punch in the face or a bad grade or a good grade u know if anyone pulls a fast one on me ill be ready because of the eggs i ate this morning. I am a belieber if u were wondering and go ahead and hate on me cuz ur hate makes me stronger!! haha but na it will be a fun journey(: ill be in the chatroom tomorrow night to chat with u(:

check out this sick picture a fan made!!


  1. alex told me to post a comment :D

    SO I AM <3
    i love you so much (:
    your the best, :D
    and i am loving that photo :DD aha ♥♥

  2. U R AWWMAZINGG!!! i love ur voice ur smile and ur laugh!!! <3 :D

  3. OMG!!! MY heart just melted <3 u r AWWMAZINGG!!!<3
    Tweet me plz @j143bieber U NEED to be noticed!!!!<3

  4. Austin,when are you going to come in the chatroom?
    Because I live in germany and we have another time.
    (I like youre voice so much,really!))

  5. OMG! I love you♥
    Your Voice Is Amazing (:
    I follow you, follow me, please, but it is in spanish :S

  6. your Awesome austin. can i be your friend?

  7. Hello (:
    Were friends on Facebook!!
    I love you way more than Justin Bieber.
    Your cuter & you have a better voice.
    Taylor Kaye Nelson

  8. omg. i love you so freaking much!!<33:) austin my name is maren and ur face is jst ohh!! lik perfect. wenevr i see a pic of u my heart stops. literlly. hahah!(: ur voice is soo amazinggg. ur gonna be sooo famous soon jst know it! well i love youuu. i will be at ur concert on ur first tour
    ps i wana meeet youu!:P

  9. Austin,
    i think you are absolutely AMAZING. You are my idol now. i love your voice, your lips, & your cute smile. You're the best keep up the great work!
    - <3 -
    Jennifer Hackworth

  10. wow..this is perfect♥ and i have been watching your videos all day:) and i made a fan website:)

  11. Hello. We are from Poland . You are amazing . We love your voice .! <3 hahah insert more clips with Alex ..! When we watch you, we have a good laugh!
    Madeline and Julia

  12. HEY AUSTIN!!!!!!!! i love you sooo much!<3<3<3 well i hope you keep singing cuz your so cute! dANNG BOY!(; FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER? PLEASES! im a HUGE fan! lol
    xoxo Courtney<3

  13. Wow Mahone you have lots of screaming girls after you LOL. You just might be the next Justin Bieber. xD

  14. Hi Austin. When I had looked at your songs on Youtube, I was fascinated. I showed my friends up and they found you immediately great. You're a good singer and will take it far determined.
    Excuse the spelling mistakes, I have it translated.

  15. hey austin!! i just wanna say that i love you sooooooooooooooooooo much<3 you are an AMAZING singer and you are really going somewhere. you will definitely be famous one day cause you're sooooo much better than justin bieber. lol i love how in the post you kept talkin a bout a bunch of random things. haha well bye!!!
    <33333mahomie for life<33333