Sunday, February 20, 2011

mahomies have spoken - my first tshirt design

my facebook still has 300 pictures for more tshirt designs but this is the one that had the most votes and likes between twitter facebook and my website(: what do you think??

the tshirt is going to be professionally designed and put in my new online store next week(: you guys are awesome!!!!! thank you so much for all the ideas(:

im going to be calling everyone this week so watch your emails(:

here are the other 2 highest rated and will probably be made soon too!!.....


  1. Hey austin I think you should choose t-shirt design number 4 cuz wat if guys want 2 wear one of your shirts and they won't want to be wearing a shirt tht saids I heart ausitn mahone but that's just my opinion and I think you are an amazing singer.

  2. I love this tshirt , its so cute(:

  3. I really like it :)

  4. love this shirtt i would soo gett itt:)) lovee you austin<3

  5. OMFG ,This TOOK Forever all i wanted to do was say i loved your music and everything got difficult! xD!! Found you on youtube :P! checked you out ,I love your voice your song that you kinda wrote sounds really good so far did i mention i love your voice ;p btw shirts are tight!

    <3 enjoy your vooiccee keeep singing !!:)

  6. Hey Austin, you should maybe put a greater choice of product purchase .. :)