Thursday, February 17, 2011

tshirt design contest!!!!

ok so everybody asked me to make tshirts and i thought i would ask u guys to help me design my first one! send ideas and pictures to and im gonna go through them and pick 10 and put them on my site TOMORROW NIGHT for everyone to vote on. the highest voted will be my top choice for my first shirt!

im going to be calling all 10 people that i pick for the designs and the best design idea will get a free tshirt autographed once its made(:

contest rules

1 you dont have to make a tshirt just the design to go on it.

2 you can send as many ideas and pics as you want

3 if the pic is really big it wont be able to send over email so make it small and if i pick it as the design ill get a bigger version from u later

4 mahomies are the best fans in the world(:

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