Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I'm Doin Right Now

Hey everyone, I like smoothies. I'm playing my guitar and singing "So Sick" right now, it's such a beautiful song right? I think so. I'm starring at my pearly white iPhone which is so much better than the 3GS. I'm texting Tyler right now and it looks like he can't go to the lake this weekend. Thinking of what to do today??? hmmmmmmmmm. I'll invite my boy Aric instead. Wonder what my grandma is doing right now? Maybe we could have another ice fight? Thats so crazy how my ENTIRE wall is covered in my fans posters. My room looks like a magical candy land now. Alright well I'm going to go have a pillow fight with Romo. PEACE!! (:


  1. is Romo your cat ? :o please don't kill it ! :( xx
    and Austin i send an E-mail to you, hopefully you got it (:

    1. whats his email adress i want to send him something

  2. Hah... you blog like I do.. Randomly :) have fun with Romo.. But DONT HURT HIM.. or her? yeah, not sure.

  3. Ah! Dude! you need to get rid of some friend requests on your facebook! (personal one) Its really bummin' me out how it keeps saying "Sorry user has to many friend requests."
    Btw... you need to come to San Angelo, TX. Its not that far away :)

  4. Paha(: I agree 4Gs are completely better than the
    3Gs(: but I have to say, Lime Green totally beats your Pearly white shtuff(: haha(:

  5. Austin can u sing First Dance and give me a shout out (Anais ) and yea love u <3 :)

  6. haha i think i no who will win that pillow fight... ROMO jk Austin:)

  7. Hey Austin! it would be awesome if you check out my blog. i'm wreating in swedish but you can translate it to english(it can be little wrong things with the word when you translate it.)
    hope you are good. see ya! :)

  8. What town do u live in? I live in Texas too! Cool

  9. Good luck with the pillow fight cats can be sneaky... MAHOMIE FOREVER

  10. Haha he says he's playing his guitar but he's actually typing the blog! Silly boy! :)

  11. I Bought your single "I'll Be"!!its so good! :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  12. you have ice fights with your grandma..?

  13. i <3 u austin i wish i could meet you so bad!!!

  14. Hey its me again I love smoothies espically blueberry!!!! Soz but i don't know so sick (totally gonna check it out!)Please visit England again we love you here! Watching the rain fall drip drop outside it stinks in England, just wrote this song do u like?

    You are a Star
    No matter where you are
    You will shine and give a lovely light
    Just because they hate you and act like they don’t care
    Doesn’t mean your nothing and breathe alone in the air

    Verse 1:
    Sometimes I can’t think what I’d be like
    If people didn’t judge
    And make people cry
    They always tease you
    And run away
    But things will be bright at the end of the day


    Verse 2:
    I don’t know how you must feel
    But I will protect you
    If they give you grief
    It doesn’t matter if you are scared
    Cause if they annoy you turn away your cheek
    Let’s see if they dare


    Verse 3
    Do you feel better now
    Making them pay
    I will make sure they will go away
    I hope you are happy and follow your dreams
    Cause you are allowed to believe with me
    Please sing this song it wud mean everything to me, keeping in touch
    bye xxxxx

  15. all u people r texting him trying to get him to talk to u but u didnt give a crap about him until u found out he was getting signed i mean really.... i see that u put a song on his wall i didnt read it all so im guessing u wrote it but seriously he cant sign u or make u famous so wats the point i love to sing and i am very good at it i have tons of videos on youtube but no one emails no one comments and no one subscribes so i was wandering how did u get discovered so fast austin. i mean dont get me wrong i love your song and the music u sing u r an amazing singer but i am just really curious and wandering y in the world do these people keep trying to make them something their not... they r simply random fans and cant get discovered by sitting around writing on Ur blog so i hope some people actually try to get discovered instead of sitting around.... do u know who really is a truly great person search abbey miller on you tube and tell me Wat u find, i love all u guys and have nothing against anyone i just had a question i was wandering about.
    ~~~~~~~~~love~~~~~~~~~mykaylah baker hopefully who will be famous soon~~~~~~~~search me on youtube and please like or dislike comment and subscribe~~~~~~~~~bye guys peace<3

  16. he is a really nice guy he cares about his fans and and he loves all of us and he is cute and his friends r to but Austin loves to dance and he is really good at it to my dream is to become a singer but that will never happen my dreams will never happen so I don't want Austin to give up on his dreames because he is really good at what he does and I wish him and his friends could come to my birthday on august 9 but I guess not