Saturday, July 7, 2012

Austin Mahone NYC Concert

Check out the video from my New York concert!!! Thanks to everyone that came out!! I love you all!!


  1. Austin, you've come a long way and your mahomies are soo proud of you! I'm completely amazed at how much fame you've gotten and how much you support your fans and it means alot that you love each and every one of us. We will always love and support you in return. :) I'm thanksful that you've given alot of people, including me, courage to follow their dreams. You really are a blessing, i love you so much austin<3 @ma_homie4life

  2. I'm so proud of you austin! <3 I will always pray for your carer...Me and all of mahomies will love you 4 ever

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  4. You are a great singer!
    I really want to meet you one day. But I live in Norway so..I hope u would come here and have a consert! If so, It would meen the world to me! I would be so happy because its my dream. U have got so mutch fame over the last years, me and all the mahomies are so proud of u and we will alway be here for u!
    love u!
    - Marthe Brenne

  5. Dear Austin, I'm your number 1 and biggest fan. I love you to the moon and back :) I have been a mahomie since 2012-2011, and i enjoyed every second of it. When I'm having a bad day or somethingg, i know that i can count on you like 432, to be there ;) and I'm so proud of you! You've gotten so much fame and it's incredible. all you did was be yourself and that's why I have gotten courage to follow my dream which is singing. My one gola in life is to meet you/ or somehow get noticed by you. Your mahomies will always be there for you, especially me. I'm trying to make this long because I want you to know and understand how much i really love and respect you<3 I love your smile, your sweetness, your singing, your hair,your eyes,your personality, i could go on all day :) I love you to the moon and back, xoxoxox<3 Love,Carrie @ma_homie4ever

  6. Dear Austin
    You have made it very far and I think you'll go
    Much farther and I just want to let u no I follow
    U on mostly every thing and I wish to meet u every
    11:11 I watch all your keek and all your YouTube
    And no all your songs and I hope to see u in concert some time
    Maybe sometime u can come to the small town I live in
    St.joe mo I tried to book u for my birthday but it didn't work out:(
    Well hope u right back
    Love a mohomie 4 life (Paige)

  7. Hi Austin♥
    I'm from Germany and everyone love u.
    Do you can follow my Blog, please?♥♥

    in love, alicia♥♥

    In german:
    Hallo Austin,
    Ich bin aus Deutschland & jeder liebt dich♥
    K├Ânntest du bitte meinem Blog folgen?

    in liebe alicia♥♥

  8. Hope someday you see the site i made for you x

  9. Ahhhhhh ur amazing!! i was there and i cried from seeing u in person and from how far u have made it. Having a meet and greet made it one of the best days of my life. U are so sweet. I gave u a hat and i saw dave wearing the same hat in ur keek "Piggy Back Rides" i cried even though it might not b the one i gave to u!! i have listened to say something over a thousand times on my iTunes!! Literally! Every1 says i am obsessed, and i am. My mom FINALLY bought me the pillow case today and now i have to wait for it too come!! U r amazing, U r my inspiration. My dream is to 1 day sing with u (i sing too). U've come so far and ur gonna go so much further <333333 #HatersGonnaHateMahomiesGonnaLove #SaySomething #Mahomie4Life <333333

  10. Please, Austin, come to Barcelona, Spain. I love you.. Please do a concert on Barcelona.. I love you SO much.. You are my idol. You're my inspiration. Please Austin.. Come.. :'(

    @mahomies_officials < Instagram

  11. hey austin your my roll model and to me your like my brother and you signed my shirt and i still havent wore it because i no you touched it i died when i got home because i saw you and you always inpire me to do whats right and always follow my dreams

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  14. Hey Austin!!!! Coming to your concert!!! I'm a mahomie for life and I love you!!!!