Saturday, August 20, 2011

For Producers and Writers.

I'm looking for Producers and Writers to help me work on some originals this fall. If you're a fan reading this please spread the word. If any Producers or Writers have any song ideas that they want to send me, they can email them to Thank you.(:


  1. so we just email you song ideas ? :)

  2. austin ! do they have to be from the united states ? or can they be from like canada ? :) or does it not matter where they are from to send you ideas & stuff ? :$

  3. Austin,
    My name is gabe and I am very interested in working with you on your
    next album. I currently am located near Chicago, IL and produce for
    several artists. I am 26 and have been doing it since 16. One of my
    songs is featured in an upcoming 50 cent and bruce willis move called
    'setup' and I have helped a few of my good friends get indie deals. 1st
    let me have talent. 2nd let me say...You have talent. You
    are very marketable and I can help you with anything from production to
    getting your music out publicly. I see a real opportunity here for you
    and myself as well. I actually emailed you a demo track and appreciate
    it if you could skype me or give me a call....heck even an email. I know
    your a busy guy but I know you have your head on straight. I have a few
    tracks that we could work on (over skype, aim, facetime, etc). Lets do
    this and get your fans some great music. I can send you a track that I
    have worked on just to get a feel of the quality. I look forward to
    hearing from you.

    skype: gaasanch

  4. Hey Austin... I write all the time! I don't have much experience but I have a huge passion for it! I write all the time and I see it as a possible career someday. Being a mahomie I could definitely write a song that would fit you well. If you wanna use me as a writer dm me at @Mahomie_4ever on twitter or email me at :D

  5. I emailed you stuff you need to read. I am a professionally trained singer, actress, and dancer. I can write songs and parodies! (:

  6. Can u check out my singing videos on youtube

    maybe we can do some songs together

  7. Hey Austin my uncle is a producer and he produced songs for Erykah Badu, Tyler the Creator and I think Jay-Z. He'll be glad to help you

  8. I would work with you, but I am already working with a very talented singer and multi-instrumentalist, and wouldn't want to ruin my reputation by supporting someone with no real musical aptitude or originality such as yourself. And by the way, Edwin McCain and his entourage would be very interested to hear that a third party is making money off HIS song without paying him royalties.


  9. Tom, You have issues. Austin is BEYOND Talented and Anyone would be so lucky to work with him. Just Because Your not necessarily a fan does not mean you have to talk trash.

    Also Austin, If Your reading this My Name is Emily, and I know your not looking for someone like me to help, a fan or whatever, But I do write music, and have been writing for several years :)
    My Twitter is @XEmilysWorldX if You want some writing samples, DM Me and I will give you my email address.

  10. I could probably give you a couple of the leftovers from my EP. They're a bit more of a Coldplay sound though. Is that OK?

  11. have issues. Austin is BEYOND trash and working with him would be the biggest mistake of any producer's life. He is seriously arrogant and has no talent. Fuck you Austin Mahone. Fuck you.

  12. Thomas, you need to calm down and get off your high horse. If you don't like Austin Mahone then get off HIS web site and don't listen to him it is as simple as that. Those of us who enjoy his music will listen to it and support him. Quit trying to pick a fight with a kid trying to live his dream. Let him be and that is that. I got your back Austin Mahone.

  13. I send you a mail!! :D hope you see it (: btw I love your voice and your videos <3 (:

  14. okay all of you guys that are commenting... you don't personally know austin therefor you can not make any real judgment on his character. his is not argogant based on what i see, i just think he is a kid who wants to be something. look at justin bieber, i know a lot of people think he has no talent but one guy took a chance on him and now he picks up awards like its second nature. austin is talented and wants to go somewhere with that talent. i support him because i know what its like to have haters. plus haters gunna hate mahomes gunna love<3 keep it up austin, i also write music email me if you need any help, ill understand if you dont.
    -nicole brummette ( thanks